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  • Curt Fortenberry decals, Alaska Railroad and Southeast roads
  • Al Ferguson, Black Cat Publishing, over 200 different decal sets for mostly Canadian RR cars
  • John C. La Rue, Jr.- black-and-white railroad prints   and Maintenance of Way Book
  • Model Railroad Supply, Monon Ho Scale Decals
  • Underground Railway Press  - Period Signs for your Railroad
  • After Hours Graphics - Decals produced by Chip Coburn for Midwestern railroads
  • New! Black Swamp Shops - Decals For Akron, Canton and Youngstown Railroad, Carbon Black and Burlington Northern covered hoppers
  • * Images thanks to S. A. McCall, custom painter
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    Coupler Gauges:

    These coupler gauges are round pass/no-pass gauges made of on-conducting materials, making them perfect for use anywhere on a DCC-equipped railroad. Certify your car fleet and avoid break-in-twos by using these coupler gauges. See my article, "Four Common Mistakes in Kadee-Style Coupler Installation" in the July 2017 Model Railroad Hobbyist and "More Kadee Coupler Tips" in the May, 2018 Model Railroad Hobbyist.

  • New! Bob-Mac Gauge for HO-scale Magnetic Couplers - $7.99 plus $1.71 shipping   Details
  • New! TruGage for O-scale Kadee-style Couplers - $14.99 plus $2.69 shipping   In use on Rick Wright's Conus Lines - Instruction Sheet
  • New! TruGage for S-scale Kadee-style Couplers - $7.99 plus $2.69 shipping   In use - In use on Richard Karnes' NYW&B - Instruction Sheet - Review in S-Gaugian, Jan/Feb 2013, reprinted with permission
  • Virginian Railway:

    The Virginian Railway stretched from Norfolk, VA, to Deepwater, WV, a little over 500 miles, making it the smallest class 1 railroad in the country. I'm particularly fascinated by the electric zone, which ran from Roanoke, VA, to Mullins, WV. My extensive line is intended to make it easy for you to recreate, in miniature, the Virginian Railway.

  • "Battleship" gondola decals (for F&C resin kit and NKP brass import) - $3.29 ($8.25 for O-scale, $4.58 for N-scale, N Scale 3D-Printed Battleship Gondolas) N "battleship" gondolas by Bruce Klimek   N-scale "battleship" gondolas, by Diane Wolfgram   Prototype Photo * O Model by H Falaise  Background , HO Model * , O-scale model by Steve Kerr , O-scale artwork , O-scale model lettered by Jim Schneider
  • AAR box car decals Newly Back in Print in HO- $2.99   HO Model *   Weathered HO Model * O Model *   1:32 Model Decal * , Prototype Photo * - G-scale Showcase by Dan Echeto , O-scale model by Steve Kerr
  • Stock cars, based on Champion Decal Company HC-101 artwork - $4.49    Decal Artwork *
  • New! Composite hopper (class H-8A) decals  - $5.75 for S-scale   HO-scale Models *
  • New! EL-3A/EL-1A jack shaft electric box motors, dulux gold, each set does one unit (3 needed for EL-3A) - $5.99 Decal Artwork - Decal Instructions
  • EL-2B electric locomotives, based on Champion Decal Company E-157 artwork, N-scale - $3.99 - Decal Image - Perfect for the Shapeways carbody
  • New! Low wire signs (30), black, yellow, and blue - $9.49  Artwork image - Prototype photo by Aubrey Wiley
  • Re-numbering decals for N-scale Micro-Trains Virginian hopper cars, a dozen  "canned" road numbers for each of three Micro-Trains hopper models: 56080 (Virginian class H-3), 56200 (VGN H-12), and 57110 (VGN H-8a).  Each decal set does up to 36 cars.  - $2.99  Model by Todd Jacobus Picture of Decal
  • 50' round-roof box car decals, Virginian class AX-1/BX-1 plus - $3.39 ($2.99 for N-scale) Prototype Photo * N-scale Decal * Model by Todd JacobusDecal *
  • 2-bay hopper car decals, Virginian class H-6 - $2.99, ($2.99 for N-scale, Newly Back in Print $8.49 for O-scale). 1:32 Model - Decal Artwork - Lionel hopper by Brian Rasmussen  - HO-scale models (Athearn carbodies, Proto 2000 wheels) by Mike Garber: 13064 & 13168 - O-scale model by Steve Kerr
  • 46' low-side gondola decals, Virginian class G-5 $4.19 for S-scale Image of the Rex S-scale Kit   Images and model courtesy of Hugh Butler - Rex Gondola by Edwin Kirstatter
  • Caboose decals (Virginian class C-1, C-10, and C-10A), each set does two cars - $2.99 ($3.29 for S-scale) (New! $9.25 for O-scale)   Preserved #307 in Mullens, WV   Model by Todd Jacobus  Prototype Photo *     Overland C-1 HO model by Jerry Hammond   Overland C-10 HO model by Jerry Hammond   Model by Rick Wright   N-scale C-10 model by Gil Brauch
  • New! Virginian Railway repack stencil decals, in white - $2.99   ($3.84 for O-scale) HO-scale Decal Sheet
  • New! Virginian GE 44-tonner decals, in red, white, yellow and black - $7.99 ($5.99 for N-scale) - ($12.99 for S-scale) Prototype Photo - HO Decal Sheet - N Decal Sheet - Instructions - Finished locomotive by Dale Koglin, end view - Finished locomotive by Dale Koglin, side view
  • New! Cranes and idler (or boom) cars, in dulux gold - $2.99   Artwork - Instructions
  • New! Pulpwood bulkhead flat cars, in white - $2.99   Prototype photo - Instructions - Photo of PW-1 model by Bob Cook - Photo of F-6 model by Bob Cook
  • Hinckley & Schmitt:
  • New! Water tank car decals (white), for project car in March, 1955 Model Railroader, - $2.99, $5.69 for O-scale Finished car by Bill Day - Finished car shot 2 - Finished car shot 3 - Decal Image - Construction Notes by Bill Day - Instruction Sheet
  • Piedmont & Northern:

    The Piedmont & Northern Railway was an interurban in the Carolinas. It included a northern division that ran from Charlotte to Gastonia, NC, (24 miles) and a southern division that ran from Greenwood to Spartanburg, SC, (89 miles). Started in 1911, dieselized in 1954. These decals should help you add the diesel era Piedmont & Northern to your railroad.

  • New! Box cars, in white,"Service with Courtesy" slogan - $3.49 (N-scale - $2.49)  Decal Artwork - Prototype Photo - Instructions - N-scale Model
  • Norfolk, Franklin, & Danville:

    The Norfolk, Franklin, and Danville Railway is a successor to the Atlantic and Danville Railway which operated in Virginia and North Carolina, running between Portsmouth, VA, and Danville, VA, 203 miles. The Norfolk and Western Railway purchased the Atlantic and Danville in 1962 and created the Norfolk, Franklin, and Danville subsidiary to operate it.

  • New! 50' double door boxcars, in white - $4.99   - Decal Image - Decal Artwork - Instructions
  • Erie:

    The Erie Railroad originally ran from Jersey City, NJ, to Lake Erie, later expanding to Chicago, IL, by acquisition, with extensive lines in New York and Pennsylvania. Its 2,316 miles were merged into the Erie Lackawanna Railroad in 1960.

  • New! Erie diesel hood units and switchers (1945 - 1969), in yellow, black, and white, S-scale - $5.95, plus $2.00 shipping  Decal Image - Instructions
  • Richmond, Fredericksburg, and Potomac (Artwork by Robert Wingo):

    The Richmond, Fredericksburg, and Potomac, not surprisingly, stretched from Richmond, VA, to Washington, DC, 113 miles, and connected the northern and southern railroads along the Eastern Seaboard. Fun pop quiz for Pennsy fans:
    Q: What's the western most extent of Pennsylvania Railroad electrification?
    A: A typical PRR fan will say Harrisburg, which is wrong. The correct answer is Potomac Yard, in Arlington, VA, the northern end of the Richmond, Fredericksburg, and Potomac.

  • 50’ box cars (white) New decal and artwork! S-scale $11.99 O-scale Decal Artwork - Prototype Box Car - S-scale Decal
  • Chesapeake and Ohio (C&O)

    The Chesapeake and Ohio Railway originally stretched from Richmond, VA, to the Ohio River. Subsequent extensions mean it later reached from Hampton Roads, VA, to Columbus, Cincinnati, and Toledo, OH, and Chicago, IL.

  • Trust plates, 12 pair yellow (New color for HO!) - $2.99 ($3.15 for O-scale, white, $2.99 for S-scale, white) Decal Instructions w/photo - Decal Artwork
  • New! 50' plug door box cars, from Champion Decal Company HB-374 artwork, yellow and blue, N-scale, $4.59 Decal Image - Instructions
  • Baltimore & Ohio:

    The Baltimore and Ohio Railroad is the oldest common carrier in the United States. Starting in Baltimore, MD, it eventually stretched to Parkersburg, WV. The Baltimore and Ohio is noted, among other things for its round roof hoppers, box cars, and cabooses.

  • Covered hoppers, "Linking 13 Great States" capitol herald, from Champion Decal Company HC-42 artwork, black, S-scale - $5.99  Decal Image
  • New! Class N-43 PS-2 covered hoppers, billboard B&O herald, from Champion Decal Company HC-409 artwork, black or white, your choice - $6.39 B&O 631203 (black lettering)  -  Decal Image - Instructions, Black - Instructions, White - B&O N-43 hopper 631100 by George Micklus
  • Southern Railroad (Artwork by Robert Wingo, actual decals 2" by 4"):
  • Cabooses, with both serifed and sans serifed road names (white) - $3.49 for S-scale Decal Artwork
  • Denver, Rio Grande and Western

    The Rio Grande featured narrow gauge lines spreading south from Denver (all the railroad, even the standard gauge parts, started out narrow gauge), and a bridge line to Salt Lake City, Utah. Later merged with the Southern Pacific and then Union Pacific. Parts of the original, narrow gauge Rio Grande survive as tourist operations.
    (Artwork by Marsha Hriz):

  • New! DRGW Thrall unitized coal gondolas, in black and white made under trademark license from Union Pacific Railroad Company - $5.49 ($4.49 for N-scale) Prototype Car - HO Artwork - N Artwork - Instructions - DRGW Thrall cars by Michael Hriz
  • Interstate Railroad (Southwestern Virginia):

    The Interstate Railroad was a coal railroad in southwestern Virginia, connected to the Clinchfield.

  • Hoppers, serifed road name, in white, $4.49 (HO-scale back in print!) ($6.99 for S-scale, Back in print! 2.99 for N-scale, $16.99 for O-scale)  Prototype Photo (from Dick Argo)    Decal *     SHS USRA hopper by Edwin Kirstatter     Instructions
  • Diesel locomotive decals, in black, for their RS-3s - $4.09 ($6.29 for S-scale) ($2.99 for N-scale)  Decal * - Prototype Photo * - Finished locomotive by Dale Koglin, side view - Finished trio of locomotives by Dale Koglin, end view
  • Louisville and Nashville:

    Founded before the Civil War, the Louisville and Nashville enjoyed 132 years of successful independent operation, stretching beyond its founding cities to reach Atlanta, Memphis, New Olreans, and St. Louis. The Louisville and Nashville is now part of CSX Transportation.

  • New! Streamlined Pacifics, in red, white, and black, designed and developed by Gwynne Burch - $19.99 - Decal Image - L&N 275 - L&N 295 - Decal Instructions - Finished Model by Gwynne Burch
  • Blue 40' box cars, in yellow, based on Champion Decal Company HB-378 artwork N-scale - $3.99   Finished N models by Jerry Wilson   Decal Image
  • Blue 50' "cushioned cargo" box cars, in yellow, based on Champion Decal Company HB-375 artwork N-scale - $3.99  Decal Image
  • Artwork by Curt Fortenberry:
  • Lightweight passenger coach decals, in dulux gold, - $2.99 (also in N-scale) (New! $6.99 for O-scale, $3.49 for S-scale) Decal Image
  • Diner decals, in dulux gold, - $2.99 (also in N-scale)  Decal Instructions - Decal Image
  • New! Baggage, dormitory, RPO, and REA car decals, in dulux gold, - $5.99   (N-scale - $2.99) Decal Lettering Diagram - Decal Image - Instructions - Louisville & Nashville N-scale Horsecars by Diane Wolfgram
  • New! Humming Bird/Georgian tavern-lounge and dining car decals. in dulux gold - N-scale - $3.49 (O-scale - $17.99) - Decal Image - Lettering diagram, original layout - Lettering diagram, blue scheme - Instruction Sheet
  • New! 3-bay 180000 series hopper cars in white or yellow (your choice) - $4.69 each   (N-scale - $3.99) - Decal Image - Prototype Photo - Decal Instructions
  • Santa Fe:

    Santa Fe, New Mexico, was never on the main line of the Atchison, Topeka and Santa Fe Railway, but the railroad eventually stretched from Chicago to California and was responsible for encouraging settlement along its lines in Kansas and the southwest.

  • Auto parts box car decals (for 86' cars) in black, white, and Santa Fe yellow, based on Champion Decal Company BRH-84  artwork N-scale - $7.99  Prototype Photo Prototype PhotoDecal Image - Sales Brochure
  • Canadian Pacific:
  • Mandarin Orange refrigerator cars - $9.49    Decal Artwork  Prototype Photo  2nd Prototype Photo Car Sides - Finished Model
  • Union Pacific:
  • ACF 3-bay covered hoppers, based on Champion Decal CompanyHC-492 artwork, black, O-scale, $10.99 made under trademark license from Union Pacific Railroad Company. Model by Mark Adams Decal Image
  • A-50-16 (40’) automobile box cars, $7.99 made under trademark license from Union Pacific Railroad Company. - Decal Image - Instructions
  • Nickel Plate Road (New York, Chicago, & St. Louis):
  • Aluminum express box cars (black and white) (Artwork produced by Leon Lavdas) -  $12.49 for O-scale   HO Decal Image - O Decal Image - O-scale Models by Tom Heinrich

  • Projects produced by M. David Vaughn, Nickel Plate Models:
  • New! NKP diesel decals- O-scale - $24.50 + $2.50 shipping  Detailed description, photos of the decal sheets and finished models
  • New! NKP caboose decals, 1930 to 1962 - O-scale - $12.00   Decal Image
  • Pittsburgh and West Virginia (P&WV) 

  • P&WV “Alphabet Route” 2-bay hopper cars(yellow), N-scale - $3.99  Instructions   - Decal Image

  • Artwork produced by David Spanagel:
  • Fairbanks Morse diesels (dulux gold,  black, and red) - Newly back in print $18.99 (Note new scale! $3.99 for N-scale ) Finished Model - Decal Image - Models by Richard Shirey - Prototype photo courtesy American-Rails.com
  • Monon (Chicago, Indianapolis, & Louisville):
  • Road name set, from Champion Decal Company HN-27 artwork, for 40' box cars (white), $9.49 for S-scale N-scale Decal Image - S-scale car by Edwin Kirstatter
  • Norfolk and Western:
  • Ballast car decals for former Virginian class BL-4 hoppers (modernize your Tyco 2-bay operating  hoppers,  more about operating hoppers by Tom Lalor, and still more from Gerry Dombroski ) - $4.59   Models by Roger Rucht  Prototype Photo *    2nd Proto. Photo *
  • New! Norfolk and Western class H-9 and H L 2-bay hopper cars, white - $4.99 ($7.75 for S-scale, $12.75 for O-scale)   Decal instructions   - Decal Artwork   - Prototype Photo
  • Florida East Coast:
  • AAR box car "Speedway to America's Playground" decals based on Champion Decal Company HB-4 artwork - $4.29 for N-scale, in yellow or New color! white (your choice), New! $8.95 for S-scale, also in yellow or white (your choice)   O Model *  Decal Artwork
  • AAR box car "hurricane" herald decals based on Champion Decal Company HB-407 artwork, in white - $10.99 for O-scale  O-scale model, yellow decals    O-scale model, white decals (both images courtesy of Mark Adams)  O-scale Decal Image *
  • Re-numbering decals for Mike's Train House Ortner hopper model #20-98217, O-scale, each decal set re-numbers up to 12 cars - $5.99  decal image
  • Atlantic Coast Line:
  • "Thanks for Using the Coast Line" box cars, based on Champion Decal Company HB-349 artwork, (white), O-scale - $12.99  Finished Model by Mark Adams    Decal Artwork
  • Washington and Old Dominion(Artwork by Robert Wingo lettering diagram):
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  • Box cars, hoppers, or the doodlebug white or dark green, your choice   - $2.99 (New scales $9.99 for O-scale, dulux gold or dark green) HO models by Bob Johnson  HO Decal - O-scale Artwork - HO #57 by Richard Wentzel  - HO Decal
  • N-scale, combination set, does diesels, box cars, hoppers, cabooses, and flat cars (dulux gold) - $2.99   Decal Artwork
  • Van Iderstine (on-line industry of the Long Island Railroad)
  • Van Iderstine tallow tank cars, in white - $5.99  (New!$8.40 for O-scale) Prototype Photos - Decal Instructions - Model Photo by Ben Hom - Second Model Photo - This car featured in the NMRA's June, 2007 color calendar, model by Nick Kalis, photo by Ben Hom - O-scale Model - More about Van Iderstine
  • Commuter Rail:
  • MARC (Maryland Commuter Rail) passenger car decals - $17.99    Models at Peach Creek Shops   HO Model, Close-Up  N Model *  HO Decal   N-Scale MARC Budd Cars by James Haines
  • Structure Details:
  • Fallout shelter and railroad crossing signs, and zebra-striped barriers - $5.29 Decal Artwork Model Photo by Ben Hom
  • New!Street Details - Manhole covers, grates, panels, and gas/water cutoffs - $4.95 (S-scale - $2.95) (New! O-scale - $4.95) - Lo Res S- scale Artwork - Lo Res HO-scale Artwork - Lo Res O-scale Artwork - Installed Detail
  • Decals HO-scale and shipped postpaid, unless otherwise noted.
    Dealers' inquiries welcomed. Virginia customers please include sales tax.

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