Louisville and Nashville (L&N) 3-bay 180000 series hopper cars

HO-scale (#143) Instructions September 18, 2017
Great Decals!, 3306 Parkside Terrace, Fairfax, VA 22031

Road Numbers - The L&N had thousands of these cars.

180000-181099 80 ton PS blt 1868
182125-182499 80 ton Bethlehem blt 1970
182599-182999 80 ton Bethlehem blt 1969
183500-184499 80 ton PS blt 1970
184500-185699 80 ton PS blt 1970
186200-186499 80 ton PS blt 1971
186600-186999 80 ton PS blt 1967
187000-187999 80 ton PS blt 1966
188000-188424 80 ton PS blt 1964
188425-189424 80 ton PS blt 1964
189674-189738 80 ton hopper rebuilds from a variety of previous numbers
189962-189984 80 ton hopper rebuilds from a variety of previous numbers

There were of course differences in cubic feet and dimensions, but the bulk were 2960 cubic feet, Beth Steels were shorter and taller for 2965 cubic feet. Some of the 80 tons had heap shields, later orders did not, but all were cubic feet 2960.

A dozen "canned" road numbers are provided for the car ends and sides. Road numbers may be recombined with splices to form over 200 valid road numbers.

Lettering Color: Yellow started appearing around 1975.

Suitable Model Carbodies: Bowser lists these hoppers (and several others) under "HO undecorated and dim data rolling stock." The stock numbers are 1-55143 for red/brown and 1-55142 for black.

Acknowledgments - Special thanks go to Curt Fortenberry of North Pole, AK, and Roger Sekera of Potomac, MD, without whom this project would never have happened.

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