Set 85 - N-scale 86' Auto Parts box cars, Black, White, and Santa Fe Yellow

Prototype Photo by Mark Gilbreath

"Santa Fe auto parts box car decals (set # 85, for 86' box cars), in white, black, and Santa Fe yellow, are available in N-scale from Bill Mosteller, P. O. Box 994, Herndon, VA 20172.  The decals are $9.99 each, postpaid.  Each set does one car.  See our web site,

"Each set provides 12 "canned" road numbers, and the modeler can easily make any road number valid for the cars.  These decals include large Santa Fe target heralds, the words Super Shock Control both in white and yellow and white, various lettering details, and appropriate reporting marks.

"Champion Decal Company provided valuable assistance in producing this decal set, which is based on their BRH-84 artwork.  Major credit cards accepted.  Dealers' inquires welcome.  Virginia residents pay sales tax."