O-Scale NKP Diesel Decals

Models on David Vaughn's Layout
Page 1, Decal Sheet - Page 2, Decal Sheet

The only O-scale NKP diesel decals you will ever need!In stock for immediate shipment is this custom run of NKP diesel decals.Printed by Microscale (with a clear top coat to make the decal easier to work with), this will decal two EMD road units (GP or SD), two Alco road units (RS), one EMD yard switcher in the old (pre-1954 scheme, with full striping) and the same number in the new (post -1959) simplified schemes.The set will also decal one PA in the bluebird scheme.With some work, lettering and striping for minority manufacturer road diesels and for Alco and other yard switchers can be assembled.Set includes seven inch road names in both rocking R and straight/long-legged R lettering.Seven inch road names can be used to letter non-Berkshire steam.Also includes lots of numbers and incidental lettering.The long striping for road switchers is in one piece, so the decal size is two 8.5" by 13" sheets!Free bonus: one set of 9" road names (for lettering Berkshires).The sheets come poly-wrapped with a cardboard stiffener and lettering diagrams.These are very good quality decals from excellent artwork (it's now all on the computer).Produced by Nickel Plate Models, they are not part of Microscale's line. The decals are available from Great Decals! at $24.50 per set plus $2.50 postage, packaging, and handling per order.There will be one run of these; when they're gone, they're gone, so take a long look at those unpainted diesels sitting in boxes and order these decals.

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