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These are HO-scale decals.  I do the research and artwork, and Rail Graphics prints them for me.  I use either photographs or actual railroad stencils to be as accurate as possible.  But a word about pricing.  Custom decals are based on number of colors and size of decal, so as the number of colors go up, or the decal is larger, the price is appropriately higher.  On such small print runs, it's a fact of life.  (Hopefully if these sets are well received, I can order larger print runs which will bring costs down.)  Unless noted, sets do one car but various numbers plus spares are included; also included is a lettering diagram.  I've tried to indicate a specific model where possible (number in parenthesis is Walther's stock number if known).  Please let me know what you think.  PayPal accepted using the above E-mail address, 15% discount for orders $25 and greater.
Alaska Railroad
Southeastern Roads
Milwaukee Road
Clinchfield RR
Instructions: Use your browser's PRINT function to make a paper copy of this page.  Indicate quantities desired and totals in the columns indicated.  Send with your check to the above address.  No charge for shipping.  Thanks!

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Alaska Railroad
For a prototype photo, click on the link in the SKU column.
AK-1 13800-847 Mill gondola white lettering: black mill gondola with white lettering. For Eastern Car Works 70 ton 65' mill gondola (117-3010). Cars are still in use in this scheme in MOW service. $ 3.00     
AK-2 SD70MAC lettering: This is a two-color set containing the basic lettering, numbers, logos, star logo, and "Spirit" names to letter one locomotive. 
Discontinued, see Microscale set #87-1641 .
AK-3 14700-14811 series 3 bay hoppers: black hopper with white lettering. For the MDC/Roundhouse 3 bay hopper (480-1485). Will also need MDC detail part 480-2991 for end extension. Cars were bought used in 1976, and some are still in use. $ 3.00     
AK-4 13800-847 series mill gondolas: black gondola with yellow letters, for Eastern Car Works AAR 70 ton, 65' mill gondola (117-3010). The cars were built in 1944, and are still in use in this scheme in MOW service.
Sold Out
AK-5 13200-13649 series 41' gondola: black gondola with yellow letters. (The old Mantua car is close.) The cars were built in 1943 and are still in use in this scheme in MOW service.  Sunshine Models makes a resin kit of this car.  This set will letter one car.
$ 3.00 
AK-6 Newly back in stock: 15800-15849 Difco air dump cars: yellow car with black lettering. For Walthers' DIFCO air dump car (932-5950). Set includes the 3 color Difco logo. The cars were built in 1992. $6.00     
AK-7 MP15's 1551-1552, 1554: blue/yellow diesel with yellow lettering. For MP15DC models, such as Concor (223-155000). Set includes yellow lettering and numbers, and black numbers for cab end numbers and number boards. The MP15's were acquired starting in 1992. Sold Out    
AK-8 Passenger Scheme 1971-1989:  Lettering, numbers, and logos for passenger cars between 1971 and 1989; yellow car with blue stripes and gray roof.  Also includes lettering for the Denali business car, and leased stainless steel Amtrak leased cars.
AK-9 ARR hoppers 14300-14349: Original yellow lettering for Stewart's 3-bay offset side hopper (691-10300). Cars were built in 1956 and a few are still in use (in their original paint). $ 3.00     
AK-10 MK Gravel Hoppers, series 14900-14924: for 2 bay gravel hoppers rebuilt by Morrison-Knudsen in 1976. Eastern Car Works makes a car that is close. Oxide red cars with white letters, includes the MK color logo. $ 5.00     
Alaska RR cabooses, 1091-1093 (ex-CN acquired in 2001, a Pt. Ste. Charles style van).  The set has 3 colors, and will letter one car.
Newly back in stock: Whittier Shuttle Flats:  75' flatcars used on the Whittier Shuttle.  Freight car red with yellow letters.  Set does 2 cars, including the single blue car used on the shuttle. $ 4.00 
Newly back in stock: 65' Blue Flatcars:  17000 series built by Paccar in 1983.  Freight car blue with yellow letters.  Set does 2 cars.
$ 4.00 
Passenger Scheme 1989 to present:  Lettering, numbers, and logos for the passenger car paint scheme since 1989, blue cars with yellow stripes.  Multicolor set and will letter will do two cars plus an RDC.  This was previously part of AK-8, but that set now covers only 1971-1989.
Sold Out
AK-15 ARR Tank Cars: 9300 series tank cars, black with white lettering (red/white safety stripes). Cars were acquired from GATX in the 1980's and are still in use. MDC 50' tank car is the suitable model (480-1370).
Sold Out
Span Alaska 40' Containers.  This set will letter at least 2 containers each of the gray, and blue painted containers.  These are the all corrugated containers, built in 2001.  Walthers makes a suitable container.
Sold Out
Newly Back In Stock: Alaska PS-3 3-bay hopper set.  For the 14400 series hoppers built by Pullman-Standard in 1964.  Cars were freight car red with white lettering.  Each set does one car.  $3.00 
Alaska 16000-16024 series 4-bay 100 ton coal hoppers, black with yellow lettering. For use with the Tangent Scale Models Bethlehem Steel hopper. 
SPAN-2 White lettering for Span Alaska blue 45' containers in the bold scheme.  East set does one container.   $5.00 
Carlile-1 Black lettering and the bold red Carlile logo for 40-45' trailers.  Each set does one model.   $6.00 
For a lettering diagram, click on the link in the SKU column.
SE-1 Newly Back In Stock: L&N Humming Bird: Delux gold set for the L&N Humming Bird/Georgian passenger cars. This set was produced in cooperation with NKP Car Company to letter their brass car kits. Each set has the letterboard script, numerals, and car names specific to the this group of cars. Each set will letter four cars.   $5.00     
 SE-2 L&N Two-bay hoppers: An upgrade set from the previous two-bay offset side hopper set to cover all major transition-era L&N hopper carbody types. Correct car numbers, dimensional data, and build dates are provided for all three styles of the 1935 AAR offset-side hopper, the USRA hopper, the war-emergency composite hopper, and the two-bay PS-3. Lettering styles include the larger pre-1946 and smaller post-1946 reporting marks, as well as script TOR and TDL slogans. Reweigh locations have been expanded to include several from "coal country" including Hazard, Ravenna, and Corbin. As many as seven cars can be lettered from a single set. Due to the size these decals are mailed in the sturdy card mailer.
Newly Back In Stock: L&N Offset Side Hopper supplement: This set provides more logo lettering: script The Old Reliable, script Dixie Line, and roman THE DIXIE LINE.  To be used to supplement SE-2 (offset side hopper set), to letter more cars with logos. Also includes the 2020 CU FT for PS-3 clones lettered in the roman scheme.  $3.00 
 SE-3 NC&StL 2-bay hoppers: For the 2-bay hoppers like the L&N above. It will do the 2-bay offset and the 2-bay PS-3. Hoppers were built from 1941 to 1952. The cars are freight car red with white lettering. 2 logos are provided, the Dixie Line, and the NC&StL. The set will do 2 different cars. Discontinued    
 SE-4 Western Railway of Alabama: WofA PS-1 40' boxcar such as made by Intermountain or Kadee. Freight car red with white lettering, cars were built in 1952. Set will do 1 car. $ 3.00     
 SE-5 Atlanta & West Point: same as WofA car but for AWP. $ 3.00     
 SE-6 Georgia Railroad: same car as the 2 above but for Georgia. $ 4.00     
 SE-7 Georgia Railroad Hopper: For the 3-bay offset side hopper like Stewart's (#10300), GA RR class 24000-24049. Cars were black with white lettering, built by Greenville in 1952, and a few lasted into the 1980's. Each set will letter 2 cars. $ 3.00     
Western Railway of Alabama:  WofA USRA type 2 bay rib side hopper, black with white letters, for the late 1940's to late 1950's paint scheme.  Set will letter 1 car.
$ 3.00 
L&N Switchers:  For L&N Alco S-1/2/4 series switchers, and the Baldwin VO-1000 in the as-delivered paint scheme of black with delux gold lettering.  This set includes the letters and numbers for the cab and ends, white numbers for the number board, and end safety stripes  The set  will do 2 locomotives.   For locomotive  body stripes, see SE-10.
L&N Switcher Stripes:  Companion set for SE-9.  Includes the delux gold striping used on the locomotive body for the Alco S-1/2/4, and Baldwin VO-1000.  Set will letter 1 Alco and 1 Baldwin.
$ 5.00 
L&N Blue Boxcar:  For the 50' PS-1 blue boxcars built in 1962, as delivered lettering.  Set will letter 1 car.
L&N PS3 2-bay Hoppers: This will letter the Walthers PS3 2-bay hoppers in the later large style letters (1960 onward). Also includes the speed style THE DIXIE LINE that was used on some hoppers. This set will letter two cars. 
Newly Back In Stock: L&N 60 ton rebuilt hoppers: Lettering particular to the 60 ton 2 bay hoppers rebuilt from 50 ton offset side hoppers. Set will letter two cars.  $3.00 
L&N PS-3 3-bay hoppers in the as delivered Dixie Line scheme, white lettering, does 1 car.
L&N 2-bay 1958CF covered hoppers built by PS and ACF from the 1940's to the 1950's, repainted in the modern block lettering of the later 1950's through the 1970's.  Cars were gray with black lettering.  Each set does 2 cars. 
Georgia RR 3-bay rib side hopper: This new set is for the ACF 1958 built 3-bay rib side hoppers in series 24100-24174. Black with white lettering. Set will letter one car. 
Western of Alabama 3-bay rib side hopper: built This new set for the Greenville 1965 built 3-bay rib side hoppers in series 24100-24149. Black with white lettering. Set will letter one car. 
SE-18 L&N 70 & 80 ton hoppers:  A general purpose white decal set to letter L&N 70 & 80 ton 3-bay hoppers in the bold block lettering scheme.  Each set letters two cars.  $5.00 
SE-19 L&N Bethlehem Steel 100 ton 4-bay hoppers:  Series 196200-198799, cars were black with white lettering.  Set letters 1 car.  Perfect for use with the Tangent Scale Models hopper.  $6.00 
Milwaukee Road 40' PS Boxcar.  For the Hi-Tech Details 40' PS hi-cube boxcar. Prototype was freight car red with white lettering.  Set also includes black reporting marks and numbers for the white end section.  Each set will letter 1 car.  Cars were delivered in 1968.
Milwaukee Road 4785 cubic foot PS-2CD covered hopper. This set was designed specifically for Rail Yard Models kit.  This set will letter one car.  Includes the billboard lettering and logo, and multicolor logo and warning labels.  This is the same set included with the Rail Yard Models kit.
Newly Back In Stock: Milwaukee Road 40' Ribside Boxcar Billboard Lettering:  This set letters two cars in the billboard scheme that began in 1959. $4.00 
CRR Hoppers.  Clinchfield RR 2 bay rib, composite, and offset side hoppers.  White lettering for black cars, for CRR series FH3/4/5/6.  Each set will letter one car of each type.  Includes 2 number styles and 3 lettering styles.
Clinchfield PS-3 3-bay hoppers, series 52500-749.  White lettering for class FH-8 cars, does 1 car.
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