Norfolk & Western Class H-9 and H L 2-bay hoppers (# 125)
Instructions July 26, 2014
Great Decals!, 3306 Parkside Terrace, Fairfax, VA 22031

Road Numbers - The N&W had thousands of these cars.
For class HL: 22000 through 25999, 67500 through 69999, 38000 through 39999, and 56500 through 59999.
For class H-9: 79500 through 83999, 58500 through 65999, 72500 through 73999, and 87500 through 87907.
A dozen "canned" road numbers are provided for the car ends and sides. Road numbers may be recombined with a single splice (per road number) to form over 200 valid road numbers.

Acknowledgments - Special thanks go to Frank Bongiovanni of North Olmsted, OH, Glenn Downing of Reston, VA, Jim King of Asheville, NC, and Steve Summers of Indianapolis, IN, without whom this project would never have happened.

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