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Bureaucratic Instructions

On the following link is shown a few of the paper signs in the Quik-Signs line we carry.
Quik-Signs–all types and eras!
We also specialize in carrying plans for motive power, rolling stock and structures. If you want the full catalog, send $2.00 to:
Underground Railway Press
PO Box 814GD
Brevard, NC 28712-0814
We carry scale plans for Canadian and U.S. logging, main line, mining, narrow gauge, short line and traction that we can get our hands on. We’re not judgmental as to prototype, so we’ll carry Conrail, D&RGW, Ohio Electric traction or West Side LumberCompany!
Our catalog will not fill that need! The catalog is about dull, boring-to-most, plan listings, page after page after page... There ain’t no sexy way to present plan listings. We wanted to use Victoria’s Secret models, but that would have made the catalog price $9,362.41 each, our cost. You would have loved that, but it wouldn’t have done much for us...
It’s our belief that when the plans in our catalog were drawn, the available prototype information was correct. We don’t believe any plans were drawn with false information. If you buy plans from us and you find errors in the plans, tell us! However, what does not count as an error is that you think the guy who drew the plan is a low-life slug. Also, let us know where we can find better renditions of the plans in question.
Plans are generally black on white on 20 pound bond paper. Some older prototype plans reproduce poorly. Further, some plans are little better than field drawings with basic information. Our philosophy is to get the information to you. We try to alert you throughout the catalog. In many cases, if you’re looking for fancy plans, this ain’t the place.

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