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Telephone: 239-992-8802

e-mail: MOFWCABOOSE@aol.com

Prices (Postpaid):

$1.75 @ for a 3-1/2 x 5

$3.50 @ for a 5 x 7

$5.00 @ for an 8 x 10

Black-and-white prints, made to order, of mainly railroad cabooses and nonrevenue equipment of all types, dating from the 1940s on (with a few earlier). There are also some freight cars, a few passenger cars, and many locomotives, mainly steam. These prints are for sale to collectors, authors, modelers, and publishers, and may be published, with permission, free of charge except for a free copy of the publication the pictures appear in.

Lists are available for 117 class one railroads, most of which have operated in North America since 1940. Up to three of these lists may be had for a large self-addressed stamped envelope. Lists for smaller railroads and various private companies will be sent on request. At present, they cannot be sent over the internet.

A General Catalog is available for $20. It lists all prints available, including extra views.

In addition, there are some specialized catalogs, which give additional details not found in the railroad lists or the general catalog.

Caboose catalog, for $10, gives details of all caboose pictures available, including number of wheels and basic configuration.

Crane catalog, for $8, gives details of all crane pictures available, including make, and maximum tonnage rating, when known.

Snowplow catalog, for $7, lists all plows, flangers, spreaders, and similar cars.

Revenue cars, for $7, lists all freight and passenger cars, including the year the picture was taken, when known.

Locomotives, for $7, lists all locomotives available, except non-revenue ones, with railroad class designations, status, and year picture was taken, when known.

There are also some specialized lists:

Dump cars, lists all dump cars by railroad; includes maker (no charge).

Troop Sleepers, lists all converted troop sleepers and kitchen cars by railroad (no charge).

Do you have old black-and-white negatives that you would like printed? I can make enlargements of any negative from 35mm up to 4x5, and (with a little clipping) 3-1/2 x 5-1/2, at the same prices as for my own prints. I cannot do color negatives. (Also, no nudes or pornography, please.)

For sale or trade: Numerous b&w negatives taken 1969 – 1979 of locomotives. Some cabooses and work equipment, mostly culls from my own collection. Numerous bus slides, 1991 – 2000.




This book is intended specifically for the model railroader. It illustrates and describes all types of nonrevenue equipment and explains their use on railroads. There is an emphasis on the historical aspect.

Contents: Introduction – Nonrevenue equipment by departments – Outfits – Work trains – Wreck trains – Other work equipment – Track machinery – Some rosters – Color and markings – Glossary – Acknowledgements – Index to pictures by railroad.

296 pages, 593 illustrations, Xeroxed, comb bound.

Price; (Postpaid): $40 per copy.


A newsletter, published every two months, about railroad maintenance of way equipment. Each issue comprises 14 or more pages of text and photographs. There is usually one feature article, occasionally side articles, reviews of new books and other items, and whatever else is of interest. This is a continuation of the old Spikes, Ties and Rails, published by the now defunct North American Railroad Maintenance of Way Historical & Technical Society.

Subscription is $21 for six issues. Make checks payable to John C. La Rue, Jr., and send to 27491 Duvernay Drive, Bonita Springs, FL, 34135.

Some back issues of the old Spikes, Ties and Rails are available as listed below:

Vol. II, issue 2: A weed spraying train – Build an HO spray car – shovels and scoops – Modeling Long Island Rail Road maintenance of way equipment – New products.

Issue 13: The wonderful world of tampers – Custom Finishing MOW – Spot board answer.

Issue 17: Half and half – Something old something new.

Issue 18: Push cars – Half and half again – Half and half in miniature.

Issue 19: The tail of T. P. & W. #99 – Brief history of date nails.

Issue 20: Brief history of date nails – Driving spikes.

Issue 21: Ballast regulators – Date nails – One-car outfits.

Issue 22: Early American maintenance of way – MOW experience.

Issue 23: The uses of old troop sleepers – Anyone can do it – reproduction of Barber-Greene snow melter specification sheet.

Issue 24 – Wedge plows – Snow melters.

Issue 25 (final issue): In Memorium Walter L. Hayward – A brief list of books on maintenance of way – Little work trains.

Back issues of Work Extra [Note: Issues 1 – 5 were about my print business and had little M of W content].

Issue 6: Side dump cars.

Issue 7: The Lidgerwood unloader.

Issue 8: Western Union – Work cabooses.

Issue 9: Flangers.

Issue 10: The uses of old locomotive tenders – Memories of Walt Hayward.

Issue 11: Industrial Works wreckers – List of still existing IW wreckers.

Issue 12: Dynamometer cars.

Issue 13: Industrial Brownhoist wreckers – Updated list of still existing IW/IB wreckers.

Issue 14: Bunk cars (freight).

Issue 15: The rise and fall of the railroad motorcar salesman.

Issue 16: Scale test cars – Scale tool cars.

Issue 17: A brief history of the Hy-rail – Some other attempts at Hi-Rail machines.

Issue 18: Tunnel inspection cars – All maintenance of way.

Issue 19: Bunk cars (passenger).

Issue 20: Railroad ditchers.

Issue 21: Flat car loads.

Issue 22: American Hoist & Derrick diesel and “dieselectric” cranes – American & Ohio Crane Co.

Issue 23: Outfit kitchen and dining cars.

Issue 24: The O. F. Jordan Co.

Issue 25: Outfit tool cars.

Issue 26: Pile drivers, part 1.

Issue 27: Railroad crane pile drivers – “Hat” vs. Yogena the hammer man – Some reminiscences of the M-K-T.

Issue 28: Outfit water cars.

Issue 29: Wire trains.

Issue 30: On camp trains, work trains, and wreck trains – Line Cars – Who built the first railroad motorcar?

Issue 31: CRASH! (wreckers at wrecks).

Issue 32: Ballast cars, part 1.

Issue 33: Ballast cars, part 2.

Issue 34: Dozers.

Issue 35: Shop switchers.

Issue 36: Industrial Works locomotive cranes, part 1.

Issue 37: Industrial Works locomotive cranes, part 2.

All back issues listed are available for $3.50 per copy, postpaid.

(January, 2016)

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